Sneak peak at a new modern beach home


Modern design has become mainstream these days as we have more and more clients wanting to go “modern” when it comes to their new home. So for this blog post, I’d like to take you a tour of one of our latest modern creations. Every home and office we do is different and one of … [Read more…]

A waterfront home takes shape


I love watching the construction process. The house photographed here is still a long way from completion, but I would like to take this post to showcase the amount of exterior detail on the home. Everything from the exposed rafters, the brackets and beams, the columns and pool area is full of detail. If memory … [Read more…]

Building on mountains in Florida


Everyone knows Florida is as flat as a pancake, right? Turns out, here in middle of the Panhandle and right off the beach we have Blue MOUNTAIN Beach. An area of hills that actually shock a lot of our visitors. You mean you have places that are – literally – 35 feet above sea level … [Read more…]